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Andrew Wheeler - Type One Diabetic

Andrew Wheeler

By Andrew Wheeler

What Is The Free From Diabetes Guidebook?

Free From Diabetes is an ebook that primarily focuses on type one diabetes, but much of the information provided can also be applied to type two diabetes.

The high cost of diabetes management in the United States and the lack of support offered by many doctors in offering natural alternatives to complement existing mainstream treatments has led me to create this guidebook.

The Free From Diabetes Guidebook Is Packed Full Of Really Useful Information, including…

  • How to cut costs, especially if you aren’t covered by insurance
  • The healthy diet to get blood sugars properly under control
  • Using nutritional supplements to help prevent complications
  • The latest research to find a cure
  • Things you may not know about diabetes
  • Is the elusive cure finally in sight?

Who Is The Free From Diabetes Guidebook For?

Although my guidebook has been written for those who have either type one or type two diabetes, and are looking to save money, lower their medications, get their blood sugars under better control, avoid or reverse complications, and finally, find a cure, it is also essentially, since it contains information on supplements and diet, for anyone who is looking to lead a healthier life!

I hope my guidebook helps to provide anyone with diabetes a resource for both alternative / complementary and mainstream solutions that are available in the United States, and in particular provide an introduction to solutions that your healthcare providers will either not know about, or be reluctant to discuss.

In a healthy individual, insulin is produced by the pancreas in response to rising blood glucose levels when foods containing sugars and starches, otherwise known as carbohydrates, are consumed. The body converts these carbohydrates into glucose, which end up in the bloodstream. Insulin helps to regulate the glucose in the blood by moving excess levels into the body’s cells where it helps to produce energy for the body. A certain level of glucose must always be maintained in the blood for proper brain function. Insulin also helps store nutrients in the cells, such as vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, etc. and plays a central role in how amino acids are used to build and create new muscle cells.

Type one and type two diabetes are two separate conditions that have the same symptoms, and over a period of time can lead to the same complications. These complications arise from having too much glucose in the blood, which is still unavoidable, even when both conditions are treated properly with the latest drugs and types of insulin.

Type One Diabetes

Hello, my name is Andrew Wheeler, and I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in February 1963. I have lived and coped with this condition for a long time and have grown tired of being told by my doctors that “there are great strides taking place these days,” and “there will be a cure within fifteen years”. Well, here is the problem; I was hearing that line well over fifteen years ago, and although progress has been made in mainstream diabetes research, in reality, there still appears to be no accessible cure in sight for the millions around the world who suffer from this condition.

Type one diabetes, which is also known as juvenile diabetes (because it is most often diagnosed in children) occurs when little or no insulin is produced by the pancreas. The only effective treatment is to inject insulin to balance carbohydrate intake, and, therefore, hope to maintain the correct level of glucose in the blood, to avoid, or at least delay, if possible, the onset of a variety of potentially serious complications. About one in ten people who have diabetes have type one diabetes.

Type Two Diabetes

As mentioned above, although this website is primarily concerned with type one diabetes, much of the information offered (and especially in regards to dealing with possible complications, diet, and nutrition, as well as costs involved) is the same when it comes to type two diabetes.

Type two diabetes, which is also known as adult-onset diabetes (because it is most often diagnosed in adults), occurs when the insulin that is being produced by the body is not able to do its job effectively. This, as with type one diabetes, leads to having too much glucose in the blood. Treatment for type two diabetes can range from something as simple as controlling it with diet and exercise, to the addition of oral medications and insulin in order to control high blood glucose levels.

How To Purchase and Download the Free From Diabetes Guidebook – please read before placing your order

The Free From Diabetes guidebook is available as an e-book in pdf file format. It will also be shortly available as an Amazon Kindle download.

As a pdf file, it can be read on all Apple and Android tablets and phones, and any PC or Apple desktop or laptop computer. This means that once you have it on your mobile device you can read it anywhere, even when you are in your doctor’s office! You can also read the Free From Diabetes guidebook without the need to have access to the Internet, although you will need to have online access to view any website link contained in the guide.

As an Amazon Kindle download the Free From Diabetes guidebook can be read on any Amazon Kindle device, as well as any other device or computer that either has the free Kindle App or software to read Amazon Kindle books.

To purchase and download the Free From Diabetes guidebook as a pdf file click once on the “Purchase” button below. The button will then change to a “Checkout” button. Click the “Checkout” button once to be taken to the payment page.

You will notice your order and payment will be processed by PayPal and your payment will go to the PayPal account of You will be given the option of paying from your PayPal balance or bank account by signing into your PayPal account, or by paying with your debit or credit card. You are not required to have an account with PayPal to pay with your debit or credit card.

Once you have made your payment you will be emailed a purchase receipt that will include a link to download the ebook. This email will have my name, Andrew Wheeler, in the subject line. You may also be sent a second receipt from PayPal. As mentioned, the link in the email receipt will enable you to download the Free From Diabetes guidebook to your computer from where you can sync it to your smartphone and /or tablet for reading. If you are not sure how to do this refer to the instructions that came with your device. You can also read it from your computer if you wish.

To purchase the Free From Diabetes guidebook as an Amazon Kindle download (coming shortly) click on the link below to be taken to the appropriate Amazon Kindle page.If you are unhappy with the Free From Diabetes ebook for any reason please send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your payment in full.

Free From Diabetes

Free From Diabetes

For pdf download click this purchase button…

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If you are unhappy with the Free From Diabetes ebook for any reason please send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your payment in full.



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